Dress of the week: Adelphi

Adelphi: A stunning tulle gown with intricate lace applique, hand-beading and crystals throughout. Beautifully detailed with a delicate lace ‘eyelash’ trim on bust, shoulder straps and hemline.

Our Fairy Godmother of a dress; to turn you in to a true princess for the day!


The Collection

A stunning collection to excite modern brides with a taste for fashion and a desire for quality at a realistic price. Intuzuri Costura features 45 dresses with lace and exquisite crystal beading inspired by snowflakes. Just as every snowflake is unique, so too is each Intuzuri bride. The collection ranges from beautiful luxurious classic designs, to more modern styles. Including one-shoulder dresses, three-dimensional flower appliqués and semi-transparent hand beading. Using only the finest of detail and hand finishing techniques, this is a range that cannot be left out of the limelight!

Susi Rogol, editor of Bridal Buyer magazine, says: “When I saw Intuzuri for the first time at BBEH in September 2011 I knew instinctively that I was looking at something very special. It has all the right ingredients for success: elegance, glamour, luxurious fabrics and couture finishing. It is a look brides will love, at a price level stockists will appreciate.”

Welcome to our full collection…www.intuzuri.com

The Wedding Dress

A dress that zips up the back will bring a husband and wife together

~James H. Boren

For as long as we can recall throughout history, the wedding dress is suggested to be the single most important garment that a woman will ever wear. The search for it is one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. Finding the perfect dress is what every woman aspires to; and Intuzuri is the label to fulfil that dream.

In 1406 the first wedding dress worn by a princess was documented: a white silk cloaked tunic, bordered with grey squirrel and ermine – worn by Princess Philippa of England. Since then we have seen many variations of the dress that leads us to the stunning creations we wear today. #

The History of Matrimony

“Grace Kelly, 1956”

Queen Victoria, 1840

“Kate Middleton, 2011”


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